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Everything You Need to Know About B2B Contact Databases

Everything You Need to Know About B2B Contact Databases

Using B2B contact databases helps your sales team streamline the process of finding potential customers who are likely to be interested in what your SaaS offers. By actively identifying and contacting these prospects, you can boost sales and, save time and resources at the same time.

As you aim to expand your lead generation efforts and target a higher volume of leads, it becomes challenging to identify and prioritize the right prospects and enhance sales efficiency. This is precisely where the utilization of a B2B contact database becomes crucial.

In this blog post, we will explore the top 6 B2B contact databases that can enhance your lead lists by providing additional data, accurate email addresses, and phone numbers. Moreover, these databases will assist you in scaling your sales achievements.

What are B2B contact databases?

A B2B contact database serves as a source of business contact information that empowers your GTM team to identify and target your most promising leads. By utilizing contact databases, you can enhance your internal records, pinpoint the most favourable prospects, optimize overall business outcomes, and effectively manage crucial information regarding clients, customers, & other essential accounts. This valuable data plays a pivotal role in driving growth in today’s data-driven world, regardless of industry.

A high-quality contact database encompasses millions of regularly updated business contacts, including decision-makers and influential individuals. Its advanced filtering options allow users to access relevant contacts based on industry, location, job title, company size, role, and more.

By leveraging a dependable B2B contact database, your teams can proactively engage with other companies and effectively promote your products or services. The database enables significant time & resource savings by streamlining the process of generating valuable contacts promptly, thus freeing up resources for other important endeavours.

A Guide to Selecting the Appropriate B2B Contact Database.

Navigating the vast array of available B2B contact databases can be challenging when you lack the necessary criteria for making an informed decision. To assist you in your quest for the perfect B2B leads database, consider the following essential factors:

a. How accurate is the data they provide?

When selecting a B2B contact database, one of the utmost important considerations is the accuracy of the data it provides. It is crucial to avoid databases that have >5% error rate in the information they provide. These errors may manifest as outdated data, spelling mistakes, inconsistencies, or duplicate entries. Certain contact databases prioritize quantity over accuracy, offering large volumes of data that may not be reliable. However, a key issue that these databases fail to address is data decay. To mitigate this, it is vital to choose a B2B data provider that regularly updates its database, preferably on a monthly basis. This proactive approach ensures the prevention of data decay and operational errors.

b. Do they have a strong data enrichment feature?

When searching for an ideal B2B contact database, it is essential to prioritize databases that possess comprehensive and well-documented records. While not every field needs to be filled, certain fundamental details should be stored and recorded to facilitate various aspects of your business operations. These details assist in preparing for calls, gaining a deeper understanding of your audience and prospects, and effectively categorizing leads based on their behaviour. Examples of fundamental information include prospect names, email addresses, locations, company, company location, technologies used by the company, company revenue, job title, and more.

c. Are they equipped with convenient search and filtering capabilities within their database?

It is unlikely that you would want to purchase the entire dataset with all the fields. Instead, the majority of B2B companies look for designated filters that allow you to narrow down your search based on factors such as industry or location. This functionality enables you to swiftly find the specific data you require, saving you valuable time and sparing you the need to sift through irrelevant records or endlessly scroll through numerous tabs.

d. Do they integrate with your stack seamlessly?

If you have intentions of integrating your chosen B2B contact database provider with your CRM or marketing automation platform, it is crucial to ensure that they are compatible and do not necessitate significant investments of time or money to establish the connection.

6 Best B2B Contact Databases

A wide range of B2B contact databases are accessible, each catering to different needs. Some databases specialize in specific industries or companies, while others encompass a broader scope of business contacts. Without further ado, here are our top 6 recommendations for contact databases.

1. ZoomInfo

Zoominfo stands out as a well-known B2B database provider in the market. Its robust collection of over 100 million company profiles, 63 million direct phone numbers, 100 million direct email addresses, and 4.3 million C-level contacts solidifies its position as an impressive B2B contact database.

By uploading your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to Zoominfo, the platform automatically matches you with prospects who are currently researching solutions similar to yours. This approach allows you to not only target and qualify leads based on company size, challenges, and goals but also identify those expressing buyer intent. Moreover, Zoominfo provides visitor identification software, enabling you to proactively engage with companies whose stakeholders have shown interest in your solutions.

Once you have enriched your lead lists with data, Zoominfo offers support in establishing sales automation workflows based on buying intent or custom triggers. After-sales meetings, you can leverage their conversation intelligence algorithm to gain insights into meeting outcomes and analyze sales data on a larger scale.

Zoominfo B2B Contact Databases

Key Features of ZoomInfo B2B Contact Databases include:

a. Discovery Platform: Centralizes the search for ideal buyer intents, contact information, and attributes in a single location.

b. Website Optimization: Utilizes chatbots, creates web form profiles, and employs web-tracking tools to convert website leads.

c. Data-Driven Workflows: Enhances go-to-market activities by constructing workflows based on both internal and external insights.

Drawbacks of ZoomInfo:

However, Zoominfo’s accuracy may fall short of expectations.

1. The email addresses provided may not always be reliable, and data on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) may be limited. Zoominfo’s accuracy is most dependable for enterprise-level businesses.

2. Additionally, manual contact exports come with credit usage restrictions, allowing a maximum export of only 25 contacts at a time.


Although Zoominfo provides a free trial, the pricing details for their packages are not explicitly mentioned. However, they do offer three distinct plans:

a. SalesOS – Designed to expedite your entire sales process.
b. MarketingOS – Geared towards maximizing return on investment.
c. TalentOS – This aims to streamline the talent acquisition process, enabling you to find top talent more efficiently within a shorter time frame.

ZoomInfo Pricing

2. Lusha

Lusha takes pride in the accuracy of its B2B contact database. With the added benefits of verification and ICP matching, it presents a reliable option for your team, allowing you to establish a robust database using its Chrome extension.

In addition to the standard information provided, Lusha also offers verified phone details for prospects, which can be a game-changer for those engaging in frequent cold calling. Moreover, with their API (available exclusively on the Enterprise plan), you have the ability to enrich data within your CRM or spreadsheets.

Lusha B2B Contact Databases

Key Features of Lusha B2B Contact Databases include:

a. Data enrichment through API integration.
b. Access to 100 million business profiles.
c. A remarkable data accuracy rate of 81%.

Drawbacks of Lusha:

1. Regrettably, Lusha is best suited for manual outreach, particularly for those starting out and seeking more information about their leads.

2. It is also ideal for sales teams with a reasonable tech budget.

3. Bulk-exporting leads and real-time lead data enrichment, which is reserved for the Enterprise plan, may not be available in other pricing tiers.


Lusha also has three pricing tiers depending on how many credits you have.

1. Free – Each user receives 5 credits.
2. Pro – $348 per user for 480 credits
3. Premium – $612 for 960 Credits to each User

Lusha pricing

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is specifically designed to integrate your accounts and leads with LinkedIn’s extensive network data, enabling you to broaden your audience and establish connections with clients. In today’s B2B landscape, where social media plays a crucial role in decision-making, LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers a distinctive tool that assists businesses in targeting, comprehending, and engaging with the right individuals.

The Sales Navigator experience may vary based on your selected plan, but even the core plan provides an advanced lead and company search feature. You will have the ability to apply filters based on industry, company size, function, seniority level, and other relevant criteria.

LinkedIn goes the extra mile by providing lead suggestions. If you frequently engage in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), you will appreciate the Alerts feature, which allows you to set up customized sales triggers. These alerts notify you whenever there are significant changes regarding your leads, such as promotions or fundraising activities within their companies.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator B2B Contact Databases

Key Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator B2B Contact Databases include:

a. Utilize the Advanced Lead and Company Search function to identify the most relevant individuals and companies based on your specific criteria.

b. Benefit from personalized Lead Recommendations that guide you in finding targeted leads and key decision-makers within your accounts.

c. Seamlessly integrate with your CRM system by enabling automatic saving of prospect leads, account information, and sales logs.

Drawbacks of LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

1. To begin with, exporting leads from Sales Navigator is not a straightforward process.

2. Additionally, Sales Navigator does not provide you with the contact information of the leads. LinkedIn’s intention is for you to rely on their InMail or direct messages, which require separate credits outside your basic plan quota.

3. If you wish to synchronize Sales Navigator with your CRM system, you must be subscribed to the Enterprise plan.


Although upfront pricing is not displayed by LinkedIn, they do provide a free trial option for individual sales representatives. However, if your organization consists of more than 10 representatives, you will need to opt for their ‘Advance’ plan and ‘Request for Demo’ to obtain comprehensive information about the program.

4. UpLead

UpLead serves as a more cost-effective option compared to ZoomInfo, especially beneficial for smaller sales teams, while still providing a significant amount of B2B contact information. With over 100 million contacts, UpLead stands out for its accuracy, surpassing certain other tools, including ZoomInfo. However, its technographic data is the most impactful aspect, as it allows you to understand the tools your prospects currently utilize. This feature is particularly valuable for B2B SaaS sales, providing valuable insights. Moreover, UpLead provides buyer intent data, enabling you to identify the optimal time to engage with a prospect.

UpLead B2B Contact Databases

Key Features of UpLead B2B Contact Databases include:

a. Real-Time Prospecting: Utilize the user-friendly list-building feature to filter and generate leads from a vast database of over 85 million contacts.

b. Email Verification: Benefit from real-time verification, ensuring the validity of the contact information you utilize.

c. Technologies: Identify companies that utilize the technologies you offer, allowing you to focus on qualified leads.

Drawbacks of UpLead:

1. Unfortunately, UpLead does have a slight learning curve.

2. Their support lacks active and comprehensive assistance. Depending on them for prompt resolution of any queries may not be reliable.


Uplead provides a range of packages tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

a. Free Trial: This limited trial allows you to explore the features available across all packages.

b. Essentials ($74 per month): Designed for individual users, the Essentials package grants access to core features such as verified contacts, a Chrome extension, CRM integration, and mobile dials.

c. Plus ($149 per month): Geared towards individual users seeking additional capabilities, the Plus package includes advanced search options, technographic data, data enrichment, and email analysis in addition to the features offered in the Essentials package.

d. Professional ($299 per month): Tailored for small teams, the Professional package encompasses all the features available in the other packages, along with full API access, utilization of Prospector Pro API, and competitive analysis.

e. Enterprise (contact them for pricing): To obtain comprehensive information about the features and specifics of the Enterprise package, reaching out to Uplead directly is necessary.

UpLead Pricing and Plans

5. Apollo

Apollo has established itself as the preferred choice for B2B contacts, and it’s not without reason. With an extensive database comprising over 250 million contacts across 60 million companies, as well as an outbound outreach tool, Apollo offers a comprehensive solution for your B2B contact needs. It provides essential contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers, along with a wealth of data encompassing VC funding, technographic insights, & persona matching. What’s more, Apollo also serves as a versatile cold outreach tool, further enhancing its value and versatility.

Apollo B2B Contact Databases

Key Features of Apollo B2B Contact Databases include:

a. You can utilise Apollo’s fast-processing Chrome extension to access Apollo features in many of your usual apps, including LinkedIn, Gmail, & Salesforce, for quicker prospecting.

b. If you want to pursue hundreds of connections at once without utilizing LinkedIn, you can use the in-app prospecting feature in Apollo.

c. You can use enrichment to obtain clean and reliable data to obtain a list of prospects from various places like an event, your outreach list, your LinkedIn associations, or your CRM.

d. Apollo Sequences enables you to establish multi-step interactions with automatic/manual emails, calls, and even LinkedIn messages.

Drawbacks of Apollo:

1. Regrettably, Apollo’s accuracy can be inconsistent. It is important to verify the contact data they provide to ensure its correctness, as there have been instances where inaccurate or outdated information has been displayed. It is advisable to exercise caution and double-check the validity of the data.


Apollo has three pricing tiers, each of which includes Unlimited Email Credits.

a. Free –  Provides you with 60 mobile credits & 120 export credits every year.
b. Basic – For $39 per user/month, you get 300 Mobile Credits & 3,000 Export Credits each year.
c. Professional – For $79 a month per user, you receive 1,200 Mobile Credits & 12,000 Export Credits per year.

Apollo Pricing

6. Adapt

Adapt serves as a valuable contact database for businesses, offering effective solutions for B2B marketers, sales teams, and market researchers to expand their professional networks. It stands out with two distinctive tools, namely Prospector and Lead Builder, which deliver customizable data tailored to your specific business requirements. With Prospector, you can effortlessly retrieve comprehensive contact details from websites or LinkedIn profiles. Additionally, the Lead Builder empowers you to construct precise prospect profiles, refine search criteria, and seamlessly integrate your gathered information with other tools.

Adapt B2B Contact Databases

Key Features of Adapt B2B Contact Databases include:

a. With its filter options, the advanced search feature enables you to precisely target and identify the most suitable prospects.

b. Seamlessly export or integrate all contacts with just a simple click, thanks to the CRM sync functionality.

c. Elevate your interactions with the target accounts on LinkedIn by utilizing the social media enrichment capability to enhance engagement.

Drawbacks of Adapt:

1. Although Adapt offers certain features, it may appear to be relatively expensive considering the value they provide. There are other B2B contact database tools available that offer more cost-effective options for your business.

2. Adapt’s accuracy is not always consistent, and there have been instances where they have encountered issues with email addresses.


To obtain pricing information, you will need to submit a quote request tailored to your specific requirements. Adapt provides trial versions of its products for new users to try out.

Pricing of Adapt

Despite the abundance of B2B contact database tools available, each boasting of its accuracy, it is important to note that many of these tools experience data decay and inconsistencies. To discover the optimal tool that would suit your business needs, consult our Contact Database Expert.

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