SaaS Growth Advisory | We Help You With Your SaaS Growth - A Handy Tool for All Marketers – A Handy Tool for All Marketers is a diverse and powerful sales engagement solution that marketers find extremely useful. This platform offers capabilities that assist marketing teams in finding and targeting potential customers more effectively.’s extensive search tools can enable you to find and categorise new customers and prospects based on parameters such as firm size, industry, geography, and job description. This allows you to concentrate your energy on the high potential leads instead of wasting resources and time on irrelevant prospects.

The ability of to enhance its contact database with data gathered from multiple sources, such as profiles on social media and corporate websites, is another essential feature. This allows you to generate more comprehensive profiles of their intended customers, allowing the design of more personalised and successful marketing campaigns. 

What are Sales Intelligence and Engagement Platforms?

Platforms for sales intelligence are meant to supply GTM teams with vital insights and data about their targeted customer base, like contact details, size of the company, industry, & job title. Sales engagement channels, on the contrary, are intended to assist GTM teams in engaging with potential customers in a more effective and efficient manner.  This is where marketing and sales processes come together and arrange positive customer interactions. A combined sales intelligence & engagement platform is a software that combines the functionality of both these tools into a single integrated solution. This platform offers your GTM teams a full set of tools to help them optimise their GTM operations and boost revenue.

Advanced database search skills, account-based marketing applications, and analytical dashboards are common features of a sales intelligence & engagement platform. This tool also allows you to track emails, automate outreach, and keep records of calls, among other things.

Benefits of Sales Intelligence and Engagement Platforms

By offering B2B data in an easily comprehensible format, sales intelligence & engagement systems provide significant advantages to your marketing and sales teams. Here are six compelling reasons why you should use such platforms.

1. Personalise your Marketing strategies:

Sales intelligence & engagement tools allow you to segment your audience by industry, job title, or behaviour. Because of this segmentation, you can build highly personalised ad campaigns that appeal to your intended audience, resulting in increased engagement and conversion rates.

2. Improved Data Management Efficiency: 

Enhanced data management capabilities are provided by sales intelligence & engagement systems, allowing your company to quickly store, organise, and analyse enormous volumes of prospect and customer data. This simplifies the sales procedure and eliminates the need for human data entry, lowering the chance of mistakes.

3. Improved Sales Performance Visibility:

Such tools frequently give your team members real-time access to sales performance, allowing them to see patterns and pinpoint areas for development. This enables your sales staff to make educated sales strategy decisions and alter their techniques as needed.

4. Improved Sales Collaboration:

By offering a centralised database of potential leads information, sales operations, & insights, sales intelligence and engagement tools help sales teams to work more efficiently. This collaboration aids in the alignment of the marketing and sales departments, guaranteeing that they are collaborating towards the same objectives.

5. Better Sales Forecasting:

You can measure important performance data like conversion rates, transaction size, & sales cycle duration using analytics dashboards provided by sales intelligence & engagement solutions. This information helps your team to make better-educated judgments regarding their sales approach and increase the accuracy of their sales forecasts.

6. Improved Customer Support:

You can use these platforms to optimise your engagement with potential customers, leading them to have a better experience. Your company will strengthen relationships with your customers and increase their satisfaction with the brand by communicating with them in a personalised and timely manner.

Best Sales Intelligence & Engagement Platforms of 2023

The Best Sales Intelligence and Engagement Tools of 2023 are cutting-edge solutions that enable marketers & sales teams to acquire current and precise data about their customers and potential clients, as well as successfully communicate with them over many channels. We will present a full analysis of the leading sales intelligence & engagement platforms, covering their features, cost, and advantages, in this area. Our objective is to assist you in better comprehending how these technologies can boost team efficiency, improve customer relations, and drive revenue development in a competitive company environment.

1. intends to assist salespeople in acquiring their ideal customers by giving accurate data in a timely manner. While browsing LinkedIn, it excels at obtaining accurate email addresses and phone numbers. Furthermore, it enables you to monitor if they open your emails, which is helpful while prospecting. Apollo is an outstanding list-builder, with over 200 data points that can be filtered. AI-powered updates provide information on a contact’s receptivity. Apollo can additionally enhance the contact information regarding your existing leads & customers, ensuring that your database is up to date. offers three price levels, all of which include Unlimited Email Credits.

1. Free – Provides 60 Mobile Credits and 120 Export Credits per year.
2. Basic – Provides 300 Mobile Credits per year and 3,000 Export Credits per year for $39 per user/month.
3. Professional – For $79 per user/month, you get 1,200 Mobile Credits per year and 12,000 Export Credits per year. 

2. Lusha

Lusha provides revenue teams with contact information for over one hundred million profiles, which includes direct-dial numbers with an 81% accuracy rate. There’s a browser plugin for LinkedIn that extracts the contact information, as well as a CRM connection for time-saving, fast data transmission. Lusha will also enhance your present customer lists to prevent data degradation and ensure compliance with GDPR & CCPA.

Through its simple, self-service products, Lusha provides accurate and accessible data to B2B salespeople of all sizes. Sales professionals can utilise Lusha’s prospecting platform, browser extension, and API to locate, interact, and close prospects.

Lusha also offers three price levels based on the number of credits you have.

1. No cost – 5 credits for each user
2. Pro – $348 for 480 credits per user
3. Premium – 960 Credits per User for $612


3. ZoomInfo

This combines the world’s most extensive business dataset with the latest technology to drive your go-to-market plan from start to end and deliver a reliable, 360-degree picture of customers, potential clients, and opportunities. A machine learning & AI engine manages ZoomInfo’s database. It draws from millions of distinct sources. It determines which data is sufficiently precise to be published on the platform. When a company’s characteristics change, such as when it hires new staff, offers new products or opens new locations this information is also automatically updated in ZoomInfo, to provide you with the most accurate data. 

ZoomInfo provides comprehensive features and connectors that integrate effortlessly into your operations. This provides answers to all of your sales demands, such as territory organising, lead evaluation, sales prospecting, focused outreach, & more. With this platform & tools, you will boost sales productivity, rapidly scale your success rate, and have confidence that your team will meet their targets every single quarter.

ZoomInfo offers three price options based on your needs.

1. SalesOS – To expedite the entire sales process
2. MarketingOS – To increase ROI
3. TalentOS – To locate the top talent more quickly

Once you’ve determined which package is best for you, you can provide basic information such as your email, name, and phone number, and a ZoomInfo representative will call you shortly. They will respond to your requests and offer you product pricing. 


4. Clearbit

Clearbit specializes in lead enrichment, qualifying, and scoring for B2B companies. The technology leverages data to assist representatives in identifying qualified prospects and determining where to find more potential customers like them. Clearbit then notifies salespeople when to contact those leads according to real-time notifications. When a target user enters your website and looks for your solutions, you can get these notifications.

Clearbit gives salespeople access to over 200 million connections, allowing them to swiftly discover prospects. It automatically refreshes and enhances contact information, ensuring that erroneous or missing entries are replaced.

Clearbit also offers three price options. After you’ve determined which plan is best for you, you can request a demo and go through all the specifics. The three packages are as follows:

1. Free Account – Use their cost-free tools to gain a comprehensive understanding of your intended audience, website traffic, and key purchasers.   
2. Business – Tailored strategies to provide your go-to-market team with exactly what they require.
3. Powered by Clearbit – For teams developing data-driven solutions can use real-time data from Clearbit.


5. SalesLoft

SalesLoft is a business-to-business sales interaction platform that focuses on sales acceleration & prediction. The application provides extensive features for everyone on your team. Sales forecasting software from SalesLoft is a useful tool for guiding your sales team’s efforts over time. To produce an accurate projection of a sales team’s revenue, the forecasting tool employs combined AI & real-time human knowledge. A cold-emailing tool, a LinkedIn selling navigation interface, & a sales dialer are among the outreach tools available on this platform.

Pricing for all three SalesLoft products is available upon request. Let’s look over the three plans they provide:

1. Essentials – Increase pipeline and get insight
2. Advances – Close sales and gain customers
3. Premier – Achieve consistent revenue quarter after quarter.


An Overview of the Platform is an effective sales intelligence & engagement tool for marketing and GTM professionals. The platform gives customers access to a vast dataset of more than 200 million contacts & 10 million businesses, enabling them to acquire leads, categorise audiences, and communicate with prospects across different channels.

Contact enrichment of data, scoring leads, email marketing, & customised reporting dashboards are among’s primary features.’s AI-powered lead evaluation system allows customers to prioritize leads based on interaction, purchasing intent, and other characteristics, ensuring that salespeople concentrate their efforts towards the most attractive possibilities.

One of the most significant features of is its Chrome extension, which enables customers to access’s extensive database straight from their browser. Users can utilize the plugin to search for contact details, save prospect lists, and even conduct email campaigns directly from their inboxes.

Furthermore, provides an advanced API that allows customers to combine the software’s data and capabilities with current CRM or automated marketing systems. Users can utilize the API to get contact information, activate workflows, and measure interaction across many channels, simplifying their marketing and sales operations.

Overall, is a robust sales intelligence & engagement solution with a variety of features and connectors to assist professionals in sales and marketing to connect with prospects, personalizing outreach, & driving revenue development.

How to use to build lists for cold email campaigns?

The practice of increasing your mailing list by gathering email addresses from viewers, customers, and other users is referred to as list building. This aims to expand your subscriber list and improve future sales contacts with existing and potential consumers. The list-building process is important since it adds to the owned media of your company. Building an email list is an essential company strategy. Let’s look at how you can use Apollo’s list building to launch a fresh cold emailing campaign. 

a. Create an account then go to the “Search” section.

How to use Apollo to build lists for cold email campaigns

b. Identify your intended customer base by using relevant parameters like industry, job title, geography, business size, and others. Use the “Keywords” area to target certain keywords relating to your product/service.

How to search for your relevant lead base in

c. After you’ve chosen the search parameters, click the “Search” option to get a list of prospects who meet your requirements.

d. Go through your list of contacts and utilize the checkboxes to add the ones you would like to include in your list.

How to create a list on your relevant prospect base in

e. Select “New List” from the “Add to List” menu to build a fresh list for your cold email campaign.

How to create a list of your required prospect database using

f. After you’ve established your list, go to the “Email Campaigns” page and pick “New Campaign.”

g. Select an email template for your campaign or design your own from scratch.

How to use Apollo to build lists for cold email campaigns?

h. As your target audience, choose the list you just prepared and customise your email campaign options, including the subject line, mailing timeline, and follow-up sequence.

i. Preview your email campaign and then click “Send” to send your cold email campaign to your prospect list.

j. Use the “Analytics” section to track campaign success and engagement data in order to optimise future email campaigns.

How to use the Analytics section to track campaign success and engagement data in apollo?

How to use Apollo to run end-to-end cold email campaigns? is a very useful tool for getting your content in front of your intended audience’s email. We’re discussing cold email but with a twist. Apollo allows you to send several emails to customers in a series, as well as an A/B test subjects line to increase open rates. When it concerns data, you can enhance contacts from approximately 246.2 million regularly updated contacts. Let’s look at how Apollo will help you set up an all-in-one platform to send cold emails to your target audience. 

1. Prospect & Enrich

Apollo’s live database of 265M+ contacts can assist you enhance & enhance 100,000 user accounts in your customer relationship management (CRM) system or locate 1000 new prospects.

A. Sales Intelligence –

You can now obtain precise and detailed buyer data. Apollo, with the broadest & most reliable B2B dataset of 265+ million user contacts, assists you in building lists and filtering with accuracy utilizing over 65 data criteria to locate your ideal prospects. It saves clicks and also allows you to design automated sequences, something you might have been unable to do with your current tech stack.

How to create prospect leads in

B. Enrichment –

You can enhance your CRM with accurate information. With Apollo’s automated enrichment, you can maintain your CRM data precisely.

How to enrich your prospect list in

C. Scoring –

You can also intelligently prioritize high-value leads and businesses. The Scoring Engine allows you to score and prioritise your highest-value leads. You can sort contacts & accounts automatically depending on the demographics & behaviours that are most relevant to you.

D. API –

Apollo API allows you to search, edit, and improve systems. Apollo’s API will boost the performance of your systems. You can utilise it to search & enhance lead data using their extensive B2B database, or to auto-sync operations, sequences, possibilities, & more. Apollo improves all the data you have including your contacts, prospects, accounts, and so on.

2. Engage using

With, you can build a pipeline & close deals. Everything that you require for interacting with your target consumers can be found on a single platform. Apollo’s AI supports email, phone calls, sequences, as well as LinkedIn connections.

A. Sales Engagement –

All of your essential outgoing channels are in one location. You can establish your pipeline with qualifying possibilities, create sequences, hyper-personalize emails, conduct excellent cold calls, and engage on LinkedIn. Apollo has boosted the chance of getting someone on a call or at least getting a response to an email.

B. Scheduling –

Apollo’s automatic scheduling eliminates back-and-forth operational work while making it simple for purchasers to schedule demos or follow-up appointments, allowing you to dedicate more time to selling. With Apollo, you can obtain greater response rates, double your open rates, schedule more meetings, and decrease the time it takes to arrange a meeting in half. You can do a lot further with your outreach using this sales platform.

C. Messaging with Apollo AI –

AI can help you communicate the appropriate message at the ideal moment. Apollo’s Messaging AI uses your large contact information to create hyper-personalized messages for each lead in your funnel. You can enhance engagement, sales conversions & connections in a much shorter period. Your team could perform additional work in Apollo with more complicated workflows. The complexity of 3 tools can be reduced to one.

How to engage with your leads using apollo?

3. Create your own End-to-End Workflow

You can now construct advanced automation to manage your entire funnel. With Apollo, you can quickly build up outside-the-box automation & gain insights which can assist your whole team’s success – from prospecting to closing and even beyond.

A. Plays and Recommendations –

With Plays, Apollo enables you to streamline time-consuming procedures along the sales funnel. Plays are basic, effective automation for anything that should not be left to chance. These enable your five-person team to function as if it were a ten-person team. In addition to automating high-level procedures & workloads, you can additionally automate how your team gets leads and segments them into different outreach journeys—allowing your team to concentrate only on producing the ideal message for your prospects.

Create your own End-to-End Workflow in

B. Analytics –

Apollo assists you in providing data-driven insights to your employees. With already constructed dashboards and reports that are available in Apollo, you can obtain a comprehensive picture of the whole sales funnel. With these data and statistics, you can constantly optimise your efforts for your campaigns, resulting in a meaningful influence on your bottom line.

C. Chrome Extention –

The Apollo Chrome Extension gives you access to all of the Apollo platform’s functionality wherever you need it. Apollo saves your time by automating manual operations. This is an excellent choice for a quick and simple automated prospecting procedure.

Pricing – 

If you’ve never used before, you can try it out for free with limitless email credits, 60 mobile credits, and 120 export credits each year. Aside from that, you have three other pricing options. The email credit in each of these plans remains limitless, however, there is a variation in the mobile & export credit for each plan. In this part, we will determine which plan is suitable for your company. 

1. Basic – For $39 (per user), you will receive 300 mobile credits and 3,000 export credits per year.

2. Professional – For $79 (per user), you will receive 1,200 mobile credits and 12,000 export credits each year.

3. Organisation – For $99 per year, you will receive 1,500 mobile credits and 24,000 export credits. (However, you can now obtain this plan at a discounted rate of $79 if you have a minimum of 5 users.)

Pricing od Apollo

If you found this article useful, here’s how you can sign up for Still confused?  Talk to our Sales Intelligence and Engagement Expert now to get more clarity on this. 

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