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Typeform and HubSpot Integration - How to collect leads via Typeform and send them to HubSpot

Typeform and HubSpot Integration – How to collect leads via Typeform and send them to HubSpot

Ever since its launch, Typeform and HubSpot Integration has proven to be a powerful tool for marketers. Typeform enables generating a greater number of leads and ultimately achieves higher conversion rates. Pairing it up with high-quality CRMs like HubSpot CRM is extremely powerful. Imagine collecting and qualifying leads using Typeform’s multi-step logical forms and then sending them to the CRM. Nowadays, GTM teams actively seek to integrate tools and technologies in order to establish a systematic approach to engage with customers, keep them informed about advancements, and deliver timely updates.

To meet the demands of modern GTM teams, the necessity to devise an effective method for building, segmenting and comprehending audiences has sparked numerous integrations between applications & software. This is because businesses must continuously engage (in the right manner) with their target audience in order to maintain their interest in your products & services.

The integration of Typeform and HubSpot creates an ideal combination for efficiently collecting & analyzing lead information. Typeform functions as a software solution that enables companies to gather user data through interactive forms & surveys. Meanwhile, HubSpot provides a comprehensive suite of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, which facilitate the analysis & segmentation of these audiences based on their responses. In this article, you will discover more about Typeform and HubSpot Integration and its potential benefits in collecting leads.

What is Typeform?

Typeform, a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, specializes in online forms allowing its users to conduct surveys, collect leads etc. with ease. The product offers a lot of customizability to make forms that suit the specific requirements of users. With its extensive range of colourful templates and interactive user interface, Typeform offers a versatile data collection software solution. This enables users to create surveys, forms, and questionnaires effortlessly while keeping users engaged and streamlining the overall process for a quick and seamless experience.

Typeform adopts a distinctive and engaging approach by presenting one question at a time to users. This method creates a unique & immersive experience, giving participants the feeling of engaging in a conversation rather than simply completing a form. The platform breathes life into questions by incorporating images & videos, allowing users to customize and fine-tune the wording to captivate their audience’s attention. Additionally, Typeform enables the segmentation of the audience based on the responses received, allowing for targeted analysis and further insights.

Typeform Dashboard

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a comprehensive Marketing Automation & CRM software solution that assists companies in efficiently managing their leads, marketing campaigns, sales activities, & customer services. It provides a wide range of indispensable tools and services for handling Customer Relationship Management, Content Management, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics, & SEO. HubSpot is highly recommended by most marketers due to its widespread adoption as one of the most utilized marketing solutions across organizations of all sizes. It facilitates the seamless synchronization of sales & marketing activities within a single platform.

HubSpot Dashboard

Typeform and HubSpot Integration

The integration of HubSpot is accessible across all Typeform plans, including the free plan. Creating forms and quizzes that are enjoyable for people to respond to is incredibly simple and requires no coding. By syncing the data with HubSpot, you gain the ability to efficiently track, segment, and comprehend your audience’s journey, while simultaneously reducing conversion time. Now, let’s explore the most sought-after features of this integration.

a. Increase lead generation with visually appealing forms.

Make a lasting impression with forms that have a stunning appearance on all devices, enhancing your brand image. Providing a superior experience for your audience translates to obtaining higher-quality data for your business.

b. Streamlined mapping and customization.

Effortlessly generate multiple records within Contacts, Companies, & Deals using a single form response, enabling easy accessibility of data for different teams. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to map custom Typeform variables, such as scores, unique endings, & hidden domains.

c. Establish customized pathways.

Utilize question branching to present individuals with distinct sets of questions based on their responses, providing them with a very personalized experience. Subsequently, segment your audience based on their outcomes or scores, enabling tailored & relevant follow-up communication through HubSpot.

d. Uncover your top-performing sources.

Interested in determining the origins of your leads? Simply incorporate your UTM parameters, & Typeform will automatically transmit tracking information to HubSpot. Hence, you can effortlessly segment your audience and allocate your resources wisely to maximize results.

e. Achieve seamless synchronization while editing.

Effortlessly modify your integration whenever necessary, and witness the automatic update of existing Contact, Company, or Deal records—eliminating the need for manual copying and pasting. Simply make the desired adjustments within your Typeform Connect panel, and the synchronization will occur promptly.

Advantages of Typeform and HubSpot Integrations 

Both Typeform and HubSpot have free versions available, providing users with access to a range of features. However, their paid subscriptions offer additional functionalities. Typeform and HubSpot integration offers numerous advantages, some of which are outlined below.

1. The Typeform HubSpot Integration enables you to capture a larger number of leads through Typeform’s captivating and visually appealing interactive forms. Subsequently, this valuable information is seamlessly transferred and uploaded to HubSpot automatically.

2. By utilizing the Typeform HubSpot Integration, you have the ability to identify the origin of your highly engaged audience, as the integration automatically tracks and records the source for you.

3. The ability to create diverse question paths within Typeform, enabling the segmentation of the audience based on their scores & outcomes, proves highly advantageous. This feature provides valuable insights into the preferences of your audience. Subsequently, this information can be effectively utilized in HubSpot to specifically target and engage with individual users.

How to directly integrate Typeform with HubSpot without any external apps?

The primary purpose of integrating Typeform and HubSpot is to facilitate the seamless transfer of responses and information from your Typeform to your HubSpot account. This integration enables the addition of new contacts or updates to existing ones. Additionally, it allows for the tracking of audience acquisition through Typeform. It also helps in effective segmentation for targeted marketing campaigns, lead capture, & direct transmission of this valuable data to HubSpot. Furthermore, this integration can track the performance of Typeform forms and identify the email addresses of highly engaged leads, leveraging the capabilities of Typeform contact. To set up the Typeform HubSpot Integration, please follow the provided steps below.

Step 1: Establishing the Connection between Typeform and HubSpot.

a. Access your Typeform account by either logging in or signing up.
b. Within your Typeform account, navigate to the “Integrations” section. To ensure the integration functions properly, your Typeform should include an “E-Mail block.”
c. Locate the “Connect” option and click on it. A panel displaying various native and external integrations will appear. Select the option labelled “Send new contacts to HubSpot.”

Establishing the Connection between Typeform and HubSpot.

d. Subsequently, you will be prompted to link your HubSpot account. If you already have an account that is connected, simply click on it. Otherwise, select “Add account” to either sign in to your existing HubSpot account or create a new one, which will establish the connection.

Step 2: Configuring the Typeform and HubSpot Integration.

a. After establishing the connection, you will be prompted to select the specific E-Mail block from your Typeform that you wish to utilize.

Configuring the Typeform and HubSpot Integration

b. Proceed by clicking on either the message “Let’s do this” or “Nope, I’m done,” which will appear to facilitate the continuation of the Typeform HubSpot Integration configuration, based on your preferred course of action.
c. Opting for “Let’s do this” will initiate the configuration process, enabling the transmission of various details such as name, phone number, and more to HubSpot. Conversely, selecting “Nope, I’m done” will establish the Typeform and HubSpot Integration to solely send email addresses (as you had selected before) to HubSpot.

Configuring the Typeform and HubSpot Integration

d. If you have chosen “Let’s do this” in the step before, you will be presented with the next page where you can select additional blocks from which you may wish to extract data.

Step 3: Including the Typeform Questions

a. As per your needs, you can add multiple connections effortlessly. Simply select a Typeform question and link it to the corresponding HubSpot property. To gather data from additional questions, click on the “+ Add another” option.

Including the Typeform Questions

b. Once you have successfully paired the desired questions with the relevant HubSpot properties, proceed by clicking “I’m done.”
c. In the subsequent step, finalize the setup by selecting “Activate integration.”

Including the Typeform Questions

Step 4: Transmitting Typeform Results to HubSpot Account

a. Utilizing the Typeform and HubSpot Integration, you have the capability to seamlessly transfer the accumulated results from your Typeform account to your connected HubSpot account. This integration is active and operational, meaning that once you share your Typeform and commence gathering responses, they will automatically be forwarded to your HubSpot account.

Transmitting Typeform Results to HubSpot Account

b. At any given time, you can enable or disable the Typeform HubSpot Integration or remove it entirely by accessing the “Connect” panel within your Typeform account.
c. Additionally, by clicking on the “contacts” section, you can conveniently view your contact list on HubSpot directly from Typeform.

Transmitting Typeform Results to HubSpot Account

And you are all set with your Typeform and HubSpot Integration!

How to integrate Typeform with HubSpot using a third-party app like Zapier?

In addition, you have the option to leverage third-party applications to facilitate the integration between Typeform and HubSpot. By utilizing these apps, the integration process can be streamlined, requiring minimal effort on your part—just a matter of minutes. This section will explore how you can seamlessly integrate these two platforms using the highly popular third-party app, Zapier. 

a. Log In or Sign Up to your Zapier Account.
b. After entering the Zapier Dashboard, click on “Create Zap” at the top-left corner.

Create Zap in Zapier

c. Set your “Trigger” as Typeform. Subsequently, select the “Event” for which you want your trigger to be fired. Here, we are choosing the event to be ‘New Entry’ which means anytime an individual has filled up one of your forms. And click on “Continue”.

Set Trigger in Zapier as Typeform

d. After you have set up your trigger, select your “Action” as HubSpot. Here also you need to specify an “Event”, that reciprocates as the response that you want when the Trigger is fired. Here, we set this event as ‘Create Contact’

Set Action in Zapier as HubSpot

This means, anytime a form is filled, a new contact will be automatically created in HubSpot with the details mentioned in the form. Now all you have to do is click on “Continue”.

e. After completing the above steps, you can “Publish” this Zap, and you are all set to collect leads in HubSpot from Typeform!

Still, having trouble collecting leads using Typeform and sending them to HubSpot? Talk to our Integration Specialist to integrate any of your apps seamlessly and get the maximum utilization of these applications!

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