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Clearbit: An insanely good sales prospecting tool at zero cost

Clearbit: An insanely good sales prospecting tool at zero cost

Clearbit is a sales prospecting tool which aids in automating the process of identifying new prospects, getting in touch with them, and turning them into customers. It’s all about shortening task times, simplifying processes, and maximising outcomes.

You can stay organised with the correct sales prospecting tool and utilise your time more effectively. You can also automate follow-up with the aid of these tools to always stay in the middle of your prospective leads. If you are sick of organising spreadsheets or trying to determine what data is truly valuable, prospecting tools have made it simpler to organise, communicate, and analyse the appropriate metrics to increase the effectiveness of prospecting. Prospecting tools can also be utilised to identify email addresses, enhance leads, and categorise prospects so you don’t have to devote as much time to low-quality leads.

Finding the best tool for your requirements & company is obviously necessary to get all these benefits. In this article, we’ll talk about one of the most used sales prospecting tools and examine how it might help your business.

What is Clearbit?

Having the proper resources available to you is more crucial than ever in today’s business environment. Clearbit is a sales prospecting too with one technology that can assist companies in building their lead-generation strategies. This prospecting tool offers comprehensive data on individuals as well as companies, making it an important tool for sales development.

Clearbit is a sales prospecting tool that gives companies comprehensive data about their current customers and prospects. It provides an extensive variety of information, such as contact details, job descriptions, firm size, & much more. Companies can boost their outreach efforts and receive insightful information about their intended audience with the help of Clearbit. Lead creation is an additional benefit of the tool.

Reviews of Clearbit have been collected by us from reliable review websites. These evaluations can offer significant information on the utility of this particular prospecting tool along with how it might advance your company’s objectives.

In general, people concur that Clearbit is a tool that is straightforward to install and operate. It also saves a significant amount of time. For instance, sales teams can concentrate on the intellectual aspect of the sales procedure rather than the laborious effort. It is also seen to be a very effective tool for marketing and operations specialists. It seems that Clearbit is especially helpful for the growth of new companies. The information condenser and strong databases assist these to expand more quickly.

Clearbit is a sales prospecting tool

How can Clearbit help your business?

Clearbit is an effective sales prospecting tool, that offers insightful information and statistics about prospective customers. Here are five ways that Clearbit could assist your businesses:

1. Advanced lead enrichment:

Clearbit enhances lead data by adding extra prospect information, like contact details, job titles, corporate information, and social media profiles. Your sales teams can personalise their outreach, get a deeper understanding of their target market, and boost the efficiency of their sales activities with the use of this richer data.

2. Capabilities for account-based marketing (ABM):

Clearbit has powerful ABM tools that let your company locate and target high-value clients. It enables you to prioritise your outreach efforts & customise messages to certain prospects, resulting in greater conversion rates as well as increased revenue. Clearbit does this by merging firmographic information, technographic data, & engagement analytics.

3. Integration of intent data:

This sales prospecting tool has integrations with a number of intent data providers, giving your company access to information about the online habits and purchasing intentions of your target accounts. Sales teams are able to reach out at the appropriate moment with pertinent information and increase their likelihood of closing deals by knowing which leads are actively looking into or expressing interest in your products or services.

4. Email enrichment & verification:

Clearbit assists your company in making sure that your email communications are accurate and deliverable. By verifying email addresses, it lowers the likelihood of emails being returned and increases email deliverability rates. Furthermore, Clearbit adds more information to email data, giving sales teams options for context and personalisation.

5. Effortless CRM integration:

You can effortlessly synchronise your enhanced lead data with your already existing CRM systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, & Marketo. This connection improves overall sales efficiency by streamlining the prospecting process and ensuring data consistency across several tools.

What does Clearbit offer for absolutely no cost?

Three price tiers are available from Clearbit: Free, Business, & Powered by Clearbit. The latter two are chargeable & the price information for the remaining two plans must be obtained from their sales staff. However, their free edition also offers you a few great features that you can utilise for your company’s benefit. In this section, we will dive deep into these free features!

a. De-anonymize site traffic

Clearbit is a sales prospecting tool that offers the capability to retrieve company data based on an IP address, enabling the identification of web traffic origins. This tool is commonly known as Clearbit Reveal.

This sales prospecting tool possesses a distinctive and dynamic dataset. In the past, IP-to-Company applications were primarily accessible to large companies with their IP blocks. Nevertheless, thanks to Clearbit’s new dataset, it is now possible to effectively pinpoint small private company IPs as well. By combining this exclusive IP address dataset with Clearbit’s 50+ attributes for company enrichment, which encompass market vertical, size, and technology stack, users gain unparalleled insights into what would otherwise be anonymous site traffic. Clearbit Reveal is seamlessly integrated into Google Analytics and can be accessed through the API. With this toolkit, marketers can:

1. Identify companies browsing their website without completing a form actively.
2. Determine attribution and conversion statistics for key accounts and target segments.
3. Personalize the site experience for important accounts or company profiles.
4. Display dynamic ads to site visitors based on both behaviour and company firmographics.

By leveraging this functionality, businesses can deliver personalized web experiences, shaping the future of marketing. Having comprehensive customer context and tailoring their experience at every touchpoint enhances the journey for both buyers and sellers.

De-anonymize site traffic with Clearbit Reveal

b. TAM Calculator

Clearbit’s free Total Addressable Market (TAM) Calculator enables you to promptly determine the size of a market opportunity by searching for the number of companies worldwide that meet your criteria. This tool allows you to validate hypotheses, justify experiments, evaluate your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and test new segmentations efficiently. Moreover, it offers a convenient way to generate a list of target accounts for sales.

To utilize the TAM Calculator, simply input the attributes that define your desired companies, such as “SaaS startups in the USA” or “B2B SaaS companies with more than 1,000 employees.” Clearbit will search through its extensive database of over 50 million companies and provide you with the total count of businesses that match your criteria. Additionally, you have the option to download a sample CSV file containing information on 50 of those companies.

1. Clearbit’s TAM calculator serves as a rapid and cost-effective method to gauge the number of companies in a market without relying on a market research firm. By following these steps, you can quickly and easily calculate your Total Addressable Market:

2. Input the specific attributes that describe your target market, such as industry, business model, number of employees, country, company types, the technology used, funding raised, and keywords.

3. Review your TAM results, which will include the total number of companies that meet your criteria, the overall market value, and a list of some companies within the TAM.

4. Download a sample account list comprising 50 companies, along with their firmographic data.

5. Utilize this valuable information to validate ideas and shape your go-to-market plan.

TAM Calculator in Clearbit

c.  Free-verified B2B emails

Clearbit is a sales prospecting tool that offers a convenient and complimentary tool called Clearbit Connect, which allows you to obtain verified B2B emails. This tool, available as a popular extension, seamlessly integrates with Gmail, providing actionable information about the individuals emailing you, including their company details. With Clearbit Connect, you can instantly find any business email address, even if the person is not in your address book. There are two significant benefits of using Clearbit Connect:

1. Enriching Gmail:

When you access a conversation or hover over an email in Gmail, Clearbit performs real-time searches across numerous online sources to deliver pertinent information about the person directly into Gmail’s sidebar. In addition, if available, it retrieves detailed company information. This comprehensive view empowers you to better understand the individuals you communicate with and compose more impactful emails.

2. Finding new contacts:

Manually scouring the internet for someone’s email address or attempting various email format combinations in the hope of avoiding bounces can be a tiresome process. However, with Clearbit Connect, you can automate this entire process effortlessly. You don’t even need to know the person’s name! By providing just the company name and title, Clearbit Connect furnishes you with the individual’s name, title, location, and email. To initiate this process, simply click on the Clearbit icon in Gmail’s compose window.

By utilizing Clearbit Connect, you can streamline email interactions, gain valuable insights, and effortlessly discover contact information, enhancing your productivity and effectiveness in Gmail.

Get Free-verified B2B emails with Clearbit Connect

Steps to follow to avail of Clearbit’s free offering

You can utilise all the above features just in seconds through Clearbit. Let’s go through a step-by-step procedure on how to do so.

1. Create your Free Account –

Just go to and click on “Try for Free” at the top right corner of the page. Give your details (like name & email) and set a password, then click on “Create Account”.

Create a free account in Clearbit

2. Get your Website Visitors Report –

After creating your account, you will be redirected to Clearbit’s dashboard. In the left panel, click on “Visitor Report”.

First, you have to mention your domain name. Clearbit will provide you with a script which you have to embed in your website. You can do this manually, with the help of Google Tag Manager or WordPress. Once you have installed this code on your website, come back to your Clearbit account to validate the script that you have embedded. Once this validation process is successful, Clearbit will be able to track all your website visitors and generate a detailed report on it. Additionally, you can also connect Clearbit to your CRM, however, that is an optional step.

Creating Visitors Report in Clearbit
Clearbit Script

You can also create your “Target Audience” or build an Ideal Customer Profile. Just click on “Create new audience”, and give this audience a distinctive name for you to understand which audience you are intending via this group. Provide details like industry, business model, number of employees, country, company types, the technology used, funding raised, and keywords & save this audience. When set, companies in those audiences will be identified as ICP in your Weekly Visitor Reports provided by Clearbit

Create new Ideal customer profile in Clearbit

Lastly, you can filter your website visitors using “Lists”. You can either modify the domains of the companies within your Visitor Report that you want to track and engage with, this is known as the “Prospect Lists”. Or, you can modify the domains of the companies you want to hide within your Visitor Reports (like customers and partners). This is known as the “Hidden Lists”.

Lists in Clearbit

3. Calculate your TAM –

This is rather a simple step. You can access the TAM Calculator from the left panel in Clearbit’s dashboard. All you have to do is mention your “Annual Contract Value” and mention the details of your target audience or ICP. And you are good to go! You can also save these audiences for future use.

4. Use Clearbit’s Connect Feature –

You will find this option also in the left bar of your dashboard. To utilise this feature you have to download Clearbit’s Connect Extension. Just click on “Install for Chrome”, and you will be redirected to ‘Chrome Web Store’, from where you can add this extension.

Install Clearbit Connect extension

Once you have installed this extension, Connect actively examines each domain you visit while browsing the web to determine if they align with your ideal customer profile. If a match is found, the colour of the extension button changes to alert you. By clicking on the Connect widget, you can access a wealth of information about the company you are currently viewing, including details like the number of employees, funding, and more. Navigating to the “People” tab, Clearbit presents you with a comprehensive list of individuals working at that particular company. By selecting any of these individuals, you have the option to retrieve their email addresses, utilizing one of your 100 monthly credits. Within Gmail, the functionality is similar, providing you with contextual information about the person you are currently corresponding with. Additionally, you can conduct company and contact searches directly within Gmail, eliminating the need to leave the platform.

Still, facing issues with utilising Clearbit? Or do you want to know more about Sales Prospecting Tools? Talk to our Sales Prospecting Expect to know more about this!

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