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How We Helped Docsumo Generate Initial Demand From The US Market

“ SaaS Growth Advisory did a fantastic job in laying the foundations of paid acquisition for us. Nimble experimentation on multiple channels allowed us to shortlist channels with seemingly good ROI. “

–  Rushabh Seth, Co-Founder

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The Story Of Docsumo

Docsumo is document AI software with Intelligent OCR technology that helps you convert unstructured documents such as pay stubs, invoices and bank statements to actionable data. It works with documents in any format with minimal setup.

When Docsumo got in touch with us, they were a single person marketing team, with one of the cofounders handling demand generation & sales. They had just built the product and wanted to validate and get initial traction for their product from the US market.


Docsumo being a new product in the market brought its own set of marketing challenges. Firstly, they themselves had no in-house expertise in acquiring customers through paid channels. Secondly, validating and gaining traction in a market like document OCR was very difficult.

One of the key priorities was to leverage Paid Acquisition and use it to boost organic growth.

Our Solution

We started with learning about the product, its features and positioning. We assisted their internal team in developing a suitable tracking and analytics framework. Post analytics set-up, we quickly rolled out almost a dozen paid campaigns to identify the best performing keywords and campaigns.

With a lot of validation and invalidation of keywords and campaigns over a period of 12-16 weeks, we doubled down on promising campaigns and killed the non-performing ones.
Coupling this strategy with remarketing on social and display platforms, we were able to successfully validate different audiences on multiple channels.


Docsumo was able to acquire high-quality leads at 50% less CPL than the industry benchmark.

In the process, they also managed to identify the right set of high-volume and high-intent keywords to develop the content for.

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