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How we helped Almabase break-even on paid acquisition within 12 weeks

Pipeline Generated


# of Opportunities Generated


Time to Break Even

12 Weeks

The Story Of Almabase

Almabase is a SaaS platform that empowers alumni and community management fraternities in schools, colleges, and universities across the US.

One of our previous happy clients told Almabase to reach out to us, when they were looking for external support to set up their paid acquisition engine.

They had a very small marketing team of 1-2 people but a relatively bigger sales team, which relied on outbound sales predominantly. Almabase has primarily targeted US based universities, therefore, they needed a low-budget paid acquisition strategy for a niche market.


Almabase intended to expand in a hyper-specific niche market amidst a sea of growing competition in the US. The challenge was that this industry has a very low traffic volume and it was difficult to improve the click-share percentage.

They wanted to improve their market share sustainably & their competitors were already running ads, thus, they wanted to implement their Google Ads strategy at a target Cost per Lead, CPSQL and CAC that breaks even for them.

Our Solution

As our first approach, we aimed to gain a thorough understanding of their ICP. We wanted to know what their target audience is searching for if they want to find Almabase or its competitors. The situation was a bit tricky as it’s a product that attracts both alumni and colleges but their buyer is a “university”, and not the “alumni”. We started with intensive keyword research to find out the “right” keywords that attracted “buyers” and not just “users”.

In order to maximize the ROI, we dissected the traffic intent and proposed the development of a sandbox environment outside of their website. Within the sandbox, we launched hyper-specific campaigns with extremely relevant landing pages to personalize the entire customer journey and, thus, improve the conversion rates.

This helped us create a tightly knit funnel over which we had complete control and visibility.

There is seasonality associated with this industry where the search volume for certain keywords increases and when we figured it out, we launched seasonal campaigns that drove high-intent traffic to the website.
We also tested multiple ad formats and audiences on Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn as part of remarketing and the middle of the funnel engagement strategy.


Almabase managed to acquire a pipeline upwards of $85,000 within 2 quarters, but they also managed to do so at an incredibly efficient CPL of $143.​

As a result, Almabase managed to scale Google Ads as a consistent contributor to its pipeline at an efficient CPL and CAC. Scaling ads remained a challenge as the highly relevant traffic in the industry is still extremely low.

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