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How Regal Got 2x Return On Google Ads Spend

“SaaS Growth Advisory has been a great partner – they launched paid acquisition channels for us with minimal internal support and quickly iterated to improve performance so we could drive profitable growth.”

–  Alex Levin, Co-Founder

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Return on Google Ads Spend


The Story Of Regal

Regal is an outbound phone and SMS sales solution built for B2C brands, to drive personalized, and timely conversations with customers.

One of our evangelists referred Regal to us and as always we were super excited to start. They were looking for someone who can set up and scale paid acquisition channel for them. Regal had never explored paid ads and wanted to explore and see how it goes for them.


Regal had a lot of CCaaS companies as their indirect competitors, and these competitors spend heavily on paid advertising. Even though Regal has built their platform for Sales teams, there is a lot of overlap with CCaaS companies, purely because the terminology of outbound calling is the same for both sales and support teams.

Regal wanted us to test the channel first before scaling, and thus, allocated a really small budget for our efforts.

Our Solution

Given that there was already some traffic on the website, Regal wanted us to run remarketing campaigns where we target everyone who visited their website and LinkedIn company page. We took this as a stepping stone and started a few lead generation campaigns by retargeting on LinkedIn with case studies, value proposition ads, etc. While these ads did engage managerial folks, they didn’t work out well to get the attention of decision-makers because of the limited middle-of-the-funnel content that was available with Regal at that moment.

Since our target audience was sales decision makers, our objective for the new google ads campaign was to identify the right keywords amongst the set of keywords that were used to discover outbound calling tools by sales and support people both. Through extensive research, we got shortlisted a small set of keywords and started bidding on those. Within a few weeks, we identified that “value proposition” campaigns were not working because of the fact that there was too much competition. We cautiously started removing campaigns that were running on major brands like Twilio, five9, etc.

This prompted us to go after brands with lesser competition. Along with these, we found that Regal has a unique feature called  “branded caller ID” which none of its competitors have.  We started driving traffic to the website’s page built specifically for this feature, and, as expected, this campaign turned out to be one of the most successful campaigns with ROAS as high as 20.


Regal got 2.5x ROAS from Google Ads and was able to break even in 2 quarters. Our rapid experimentation helped them validate paid acquisition with a few early customers, and we were able to not only break even but generate positive ROI out of our engagement.

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