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How Putler Increased its MRR By 2.1x in Just 7 Months

“SaaS Growth Advisory team helped us strategize growth for multiple Saas offerings through agile and low-budget experimentation. I highly recommend them for PLG SaaS.”

–  Nirav Mehta, Founder

Increase In Trial Users


Increase In Paid Users


Increment In MRR


The Story Of Putler

Putler is a bootstrapped SaaS startup that enables e-commerce businesses to track, understand and analyze their customer data from sources such as Stripe, PayPal, Google Analytics, Shopify, Bigcommerce etc.

Putler was looking for someone to help them with their growth. Being a bootstrapped SaaS, they had low marketing budget and had already ramped up their organic efforts.


When they reached out to us they had already grown to a good level organically. But, Putler felt that their growth was stagnating and wanted to test out different acquisition channels. The primary challenge Putler faced was that they didn’t have in-house expertise to explore multiple demand generation channels at once. Apart from a major overhaul of their existing MarTech stack, they wanted to validate product positioning and identify channels to widen their customer funnel.

Our Solution

We first started with the fundamentals, by understanding their value proposition, product and target customers. This exercise helped us identify their Total Addressable Market (TAM).  The knowledge that we gained by looking at customer profiles helped us segment their audience and narrow down on potential customers with affinity to buy. While evaluating their current marketing tactics, we realized that their paid acquisition efforts were unexplored.

After careful segmentation of audience and an in-depth competition analysis, we decided to start with paid acquisition. We instantly deployed search ads to capture the attention of a few high-intent audiences and combined it with multiple remarketing experiments to drive the average number of trial users per month.

Once the acquisition part of the funnel was steady and wide, we decided to look beyond acquisition into the product. We implemented a product analytics framework and integrated data from marketing, product, and CRM to gain a full-funnel view of the business.


Putler successfully incremented its MRR by 2.1x in 7 months and continued on its way to hit $20k MRR.

In the process, they increased their number of trial users by 194%, and number of paid users by 200%.

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