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How Appknox Generated A Pipeline worth $112k within 6 months.

“From capturing intent correctly to development of landing pages & funnel analytics, they did everything to deliver results & drive ROI out of ads.”

– GVS Chaitanya, Head of Growth

Value Of Pipeline Generated


# of Opportunities Generated


Time to Break Even

12 weeks

The Story Of Appknox

Appknox is a seed-funded mobile vulnerability assessment platform that detects and addresses vulnerabilities in mobile applications.

They had previously worked with other SaaS marketing agencies but were unhappy with the results. Not only this, they were very apprehensive of working with any other SaaS marketing agency.
We understood where they were coming from, cleared all their doubts and explained our approach, values and how SaaS Growth Advisory works.


Appknox competes in the mobile security space which is dominated by incumbents such as IBM, Synopsys, Tenable, etc.

Given the severe competition, Appknox had earlier attempted and failed to generate ROI from paid acquisition channels. With our rigorous research, we were able to gain confidence of the team to restart paid acquisition.​ They were eager to establish Google Ads as an acquisition channel, and generate a healthy pipeline through it, and now we had to deliver ROAS in a super competitive environment.

Our Solution

Given that they had tested ads previously, there was a lot of data for us to analyze and uncover the results of past experiments. We unboxed those experiments and discovered that there were cracks in the process and overall, lacked structure. We quickly figured out that the process of keyword research/dissection was not done properly. Due to this, they got a lot of irrelevant traffic on their website and thus the ROI was poor.

We coupled the learnings with secondary research to identify promising campaigns and rolled them out within 3 weeks.

Given that we wanted to weed out bad + low-intent traffic ASAP (because our goal from day zero was to improve ROAS and not fill the CRM with leads that won’t buy), we set up a daily cadence to iteratively improve the campaigns and ensure good conversion rates, over the next couple of weeks.

What worked best for Appknox was that we created custom landing pages for each keyword and every geographical location that we ran ads for.

Apart from this, basic things like conversion tracking, good CRM practices, stage-wise funnel analysis, reporting etc were also not set up properly. Therefore, we fully managed their forms, workflows, lists segmentation logic, creatives, landing pages to ensure CRM & CMS sanity.


For the first time in multiple attempts, Appknox managed to break even on their spending within 3 months. They also generated a healthy pipeline of $112k and registered an incredible 35 enterprise opportunities.

Thus, Appknox established Google Ads as a consistent, ROI positive acquisition channel.

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