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Intro Paragraph – As someone who is constantly exploring avenues to blend engineering with marketing, I was naturally curious to understand how Amazon Honeycode, a no-code app builder can empower marketers in improving their processes.

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One of the problems that I was trying to solve for a SaaS startup over the last couple of days was the management of outbound marketing, in the presence of inbound, referral, and other acquisition channels, with an ever-growing team of marketers.

As we rolled out campaigns one after another, our team size kept increasing, and suddenly we were sharing data across multiple users, in multiple spreadsheets, across different platforms. Lack of integration and automation along with large amounts of data, with varied structure, added to the already worries of an already stressed marketing team. I thought of developing a custom app to de-duplicate, integrate, and automate, but given we had so little time and resources, I stuck to VLOOKUP, SEARCH & FILTER in sheets.

All of this kept piling up on top of the base problem – Marketing is omnichannel, data-heavy, volatile, and constantly in-action. The accounts you target through outbound activities can discover your product through a different touchpoint, and unless your system is fairly sophisticated, you’ll end up sending a relatively colder magnet/message to a lead, who is way down your funnel already. Outbound marketing is intrusive and no matter how much you attempt to make it not that way, there is always a fair chance of the campaigns hurting you back.

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There was one source of truth for all incoming leads (thank you CRMs!), which I can easily integrate using APIs. So, I started focusing on consolidating Outbound Marketing.

I picked up Amazon Honeycode on a Sunday afternoon and was able to build the tables, automation, ROWFILTERs, calculations, and the app, all within 2 hours.

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